Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Observatory Platforms

During my time on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, I worked as map owner on the Koboh Observatory. I was responsible for planning, ideation, block-out, modelling, level art/decalling, primary material pallet creation, bug fix and optimisation of the areas shown. These galleries highlight the primary areas I worked on during production with other areas being handed off to the talented Connor McCampbell and Derek Chapman.

Lead Artist Billy Matjiunis. Art Direction by Chris Sutton and Nate Stephens. Concept art by Bruno Werneck. Lighting by Rob Simpson. Skybox art by HanHee Lee. Level design by Simon Anderson. Combat/enounter/ambient events designed by Patrick Wren.

Working on Star Wars Jedi; Survivor was a collaborative effort between everyone mentioned and many more in other departments across Respawn. Some assets, materials and textures are from a shared library.